Monday, March 15, 2010


Today we learned about an amazing little thing. The sea shell. Well, actually we were learning about mollusks in our science curriculum. What we did discover however is how mollusks form sea shells. Also, they all create a very wide variety of types of shell, and you can identify what type of invertebrate lives in the shell by it's specific shape. As we were going about identifying different seashells we have with the photos on the online sea shell guide, I was amazed by how God is into details. He created so many beautiful shells that not only are designed perfectly for the average mollusk : ) , but also are beautiful and descriptive and just amazing. I'm just not sure how one could look at all the creativity in God's creation and see just randomness. Nothing planned, nothing created, just there. Anyhow, if you want to learn something about how God is into details check out the variety of shells and the mollusk. Certainly if He designed all of this, He is into the details of our lives as well, which I guess could be the biggest lesson of all.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Cleaning Challenge part 2

Bathroom Before and After

Well, once again thanks to Sarah at her blog for inspiring this Spring Cleaning Challenge. If you want to join us just check out her blog and get started!

Well, what I learned from the before pictures is that 5 people and one bathroom has caused a MAJOR mess. So, I have put up the VERY embarassing before pictures....but the after pictures make up for it (after hours of work over several days! Phew!) So, here you go.

The cupboard before ... (I told you Danielle!)

The cluttered medicine cabinet

Hard to put things away from the counter when the cupboard looked like it did!

The overstuffed bath toy holder.

A picture of the whole mess!

Look a bit different?

A new flower on the medicine cabinet.

A clean sink and counter...and a new picture on the wall!

The white curtain makes it look brighter.

Still lots of stuff, but in order anyhow!

Far less, clean, bath toys to deal with.

Ahh....a much more organized medicine cabinet.

Well, that's it. Next weeks challenge is the master bedroom. Looking forward to it! Hope you are having some success in your own spring cleaning!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Field Trip Learning

A sample of our latest trip to the Arboretum

There were fruit trees,

Beautiful art in plants covering the ground,

Unusual plants like the sausage plant,

and the Lobster Plant!

and of course Hadassah loved the fish!

So as you can see, the next way I 'd like to share with you is how we have been learning in a hands on way. We completed a while back now our science book on the World of Plants through Answers in Genesis. Well, since it was winter at the close of this unit we travelled to the Nichols Arboretum ( at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. This was an awesome experience because we were able to see and observe everything we had spent time learning and working on. Also, it was a cold day and the tropical plant area felt like a vacation! I have found that going and actually seeing what we have studied is an amazing reminder to my girls of all they have learned, and Anne Marie always amazes me with what she knows. Here are some more of the pictures from that day.

One of the many pitcher plants we learned about in the carnivorous plant chapter. We also saw Venus Flytraps which we had studied.

These field trips are always a great time for dad to participate in what
the girls have learned as well.

Emma the collector.....she found several things along the way that the plants had dropped just for her.

So many beautiful flowers!

I would say one of the best parts was the trip was FREE. If you haven't already check out your libraries Museum Adventure pass program. The one for Michigan can be found at . We had a wonderful time with this and I would encourage you to get out and bring your kids on a "field trip" of your own, whether you homeschool or not!

Next up, we have moved on to the World of Animals and have made some trips to the be continued! Have a great day.