Friday, August 20, 2010

A Day in the Weldon Homeschool.

So, I am still participating in the Not Back to School blog hop over at Heart of the Matter. The next week's topic is A day in the life. Because a friend of mine has been reminding me (cough, cough) to put my schedule up for her to see, I'm posting a few days early! Well, here it is.....our school schedule that has been created by myself and my wonderful husband, who was a great help.

830 am Bible Reading as a group, just a short passage from our lesson book (5 min.)

835 am Emma and I together

Bible Memorization, History/Geography, Reading and Language Arts, Handwriting

Anne on her own

Bible Reading and Memorization, History/Geography reading and wksht, Reading

10:00 am Emma break

Anne and I together

check work, reading discussion, Language Arts


Emma and Anne in school room together

Math each day

MWF Science

Tue. Music

Thur. Art

1200 LUNCH


Time for Spanish lessons a few days a week and the girls can finish up any loose ends if they have them in the afternoon.

So, this is the schedule. Our school is essentially completed in the morning, leaving the afternoon for chores, play and various things. Also, gives time to rest the mind a bit before gymnastics practice, piano lesson, church activites, etc. The evenings, at bed time, will be split between Jeff and I doing read alouds with each child. I believe for the first two read aloud books, I am reading to Emma and Jeff is reading to Anne. This will help Jeff be a part of the reading and takes some of the load off of me during the day.

That is the plan....we will see how it goes!

Monday, August 16, 2010

It's Student Picture Week

So, it is time over at Heart of the Matter and the Not Back to School Blog Hop for school picture week. I am planning on taking some new "school" photos of the girls to be framed, but won't be working on that until later in the oldest is at camp this week! So I pulled out some recent photos of the kiddos here so you could get to know them a little bit.

This is my oldest, Anne Marie. She is 7 years old and is starting 3rd grade this year. She is an amazing young lady. Intelligent, talented, fun, caring...she's just a wonderful person.

This is Emma Jane! She is 5 and is starting 1st grade. The picture sa ys it all....Full of personality and as smart as whip (what does that mean anyhow?)

Next is Hadassah. Just a cutie and very funny. She's only 2, but she does like to color and play dolls during school time.

So, that is the crew over here. Can't wait to see some of your posts as well.

Monday, August 09, 2010

What does your school room look like????

So, I am a week late but I have decided to join the Not-Back to school Blog Hop over at Heart of the Matter! This week is share what your school room looks like week.

I am very fortunate in that my husband made this school room up for us last summer, and it has been a wonderful blessing for our school days!

First, this is the entry way to our school room, which is part of our finished basement. The double doors are kind of fun! :)

Inside are the girls desks and you can see some shelving and our little computer nook back there which always comes in handy.

This is our newest addition. My husband just hung a new white board for us which will come in handy for math lessons and our new Sequential Spelling lessons as well.

Right off the main school room is our music room. I am a trumpet player by profession, and music is a big part of our lives. Anne Marie, my oldest is really taking to the piano, so we had this one moved down here for her!

I have a nice little sitting and reading corner here in the school room as well.

We have plenty of room for books and you can see we even have our tadopole/frogs in their home on the desk.

There they are....our ongoing science project from last year's life science of them just got front legs yesterday!

When you step back through the doors we have our kids playroom which is great for break time or to keep my 2 year old daughter entertained!

SO, I'm looking forward to seeing what others do with their school space, and to the rest of the Not Back to School Blog Hop.