Friday, August 20, 2010

A Day in the Weldon Homeschool.

So, I am still participating in the Not Back to School blog hop over at Heart of the Matter. The next week's topic is A day in the life. Because a friend of mine has been reminding me (cough, cough) to put my schedule up for her to see, I'm posting a few days early! Well, here it is.....our school schedule that has been created by myself and my wonderful husband, who was a great help.

830 am Bible Reading as a group, just a short passage from our lesson book (5 min.)

835 am Emma and I together

Bible Memorization, History/Geography, Reading and Language Arts, Handwriting

Anne on her own

Bible Reading and Memorization, History/Geography reading and wksht, Reading

10:00 am Emma break

Anne and I together

check work, reading discussion, Language Arts


Emma and Anne in school room together

Math each day

MWF Science

Tue. Music

Thur. Art

1200 LUNCH


Time for Spanish lessons a few days a week and the girls can finish up any loose ends if they have them in the afternoon.

So, this is the schedule. Our school is essentially completed in the morning, leaving the afternoon for chores, play and various things. Also, gives time to rest the mind a bit before gymnastics practice, piano lesson, church activites, etc. The evenings, at bed time, will be split between Jeff and I doing read alouds with each child. I believe for the first two read aloud books, I am reading to Emma and Jeff is reading to Anne. This will help Jeff be a part of the reading and takes some of the load off of me during the day.

That is the plan....we will see how it goes!


LLJ said...

very good! : )

*Michigan Momma* said...

Thank you so much! I love reading about how you're gonna fit it all in ~ when you get to the afternoon chores part, let me know....usually I can only do one part really well: school, or cleaning/chores, or homemade meals. If I do really well in one area, the others usually suffer.

Fitting it all in! It's my struggle right now...

Brooke said...

Thanks ladies. Lori - how is the schedule coming? Did you decide to go with the workbox set up?