Friday, October 22, 2010

Time for a change of scenery.....

Well, the time has come...finally...

We are heading out of town for 2 weeks to Minnesota. Now it isn't all vacation. My husband has 2 weeks of seminary classes ahead. But, I think that relaxing on the farm in Minnesota is just what we need.

Maybe a time with some quiet and nature will help. After dealing with my husband's stressful job, full time studies, and volunteer ministry, while I try to school the kids, get them from here to there, balance the house, play the trumpet...the list goes on....

I cannot wait to see this place in person. Maybe be able to listen to God and what his plans for us are, in the midst of 40% pay cuts at work and the noise and frustration of everyday.

Little nervous about this staircase though. :)

So, we will be off for a couple of weeks. Exploring the zoo, museums, farm life and of course the Mall of America on my birthday! Hoping to return with a new perspective and perhaps news of change to come.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Video Tip

So, I decided today that we should have a movie time this afternoon. I searched the library system and found a couple of videos that applied to our studies this week. I was pleasantly surprised at how these videos fit exactly what we had studied in our Sonlight curriculum this week!

This video from the American History for Children video series is fantastic. If you are studying early American history, the story of Pocahontas, or early Native American culture this video is great. I would definitely recommend it!

This video, Ancient Mesopotamis, from the Ancient Civilizations for Children Series, was fantastic! My 1st grade daughter Emma kept telling me all the things she remembered from our history books this week. It was almost as if it was made to parallel our text book! Fantastic.

Anyhow, just thought I would share a good find from the library that made learning a bit more fun this Friday.