Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hey everyone!
Been a long time since I have updated this blog but I
am wanting to do a better job! I have added a photo of me on a recent
missions trip to Mexico and a song I thought I would share!

Anyhow, things have been busy lately but the Lord is definitely teaching me a
lot about listening to Him and going where he wants me to go! Mexico
was wonderful. I went to an area just outside of Puerto Vallarta where
the families make their living by digging through the garbage dump to
get whatever they can of value. What an experience. Jesus can bring us
to every corner of his creation to teach us something new, and as I
found out sometimes that isn't the most beautiful place with the most
glamorous of jobs. Anyhow, I'll talk more later. I'll leave you with a link to see where we went in Mexico.

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Annican said...

Cool Brooke...I am looking forward to seeing where you take does looks vaguely familiar...:) By the way, where is the link? Am I missing it? Love ya...A