Monday, February 01, 2010

Well, do you ever feel tired....I mean REALLY tired. The laundry is piled to the ceiling, the house is slowly being destroyed, there are kids to care for, teach, bring to lessons and classes. This makes you even more tired....and then you begin to doubt whether or not you are doing the right thing at all. Should I be homeschooling? Should I be doing things differently? Am I really any good at what I am doing? What happened to all those plans I had in my early 20's? Do I even remember my early 20's? Well, I'm What do I do about it? Not sure yet. I'm thinking it over and trying to figure out if it is possible to add another 8 hours to the day, if there is in fact a patience vaccination, and if I can acquire caffeine pills! : ) I don't think any of those things are possible. So, until I come up with an alternate plan I will just have to perservere. If you have any secrets to share I'm willing to listen! Have a wonderful day!


LLJ said...

Remember last year about this time when you had me to your house? The only thing I think I said that I knew you would need was - "In January or February, you are going to want to quit! It is very hard to keep at it in late January/February. But persevere and you will be glad you did!" Ha! Remember? It happens every single year. You might need to pray and makes some changes, but keep on with what you know is important and the rest will be OK.
I hope we both have a good night. I know I need SLEEP! So do my kiddos. I think I need to declare Mondays a sleep in day. ha!

Lori said...

Leanne - that is great!! And oh, so true.....

I love this part, "...keep on with what you know is important and the rest will be OK."

Exactly. Sometimes we try to do-it-all, and we just flat out CAN NOT!! When it comes to prioritizing, remember to PRAY FIRST. God's plans may be quite different than what WE think is best.

For what it's worth, you are a FANTASTIC mom who loves her girls and is doing a great job!! Yet I know how tired you've are in my prayers, girl! Luv ya,

Leila said...

There IS a patience vaccine! It takes effect after you've weathered the whole thing! You become ever so patient -- once it's too late to do you any good! :)

I hope you get a chance to poke around on my blog, because I try to answer just these questions! Don't worry -- you're not alone and you're doing fine!

Welcome and thanks for your comment!