Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Well, that's my Emma there in the yellow boat, having a great time, not worried that the timer on her boat set for five minutes will be going off soon. She's just enjoying the moment, the time that she has in the now. Hm. I'm having trouble grasping that today. I'm running behind. I wanted to get through science this morning with Anne, it didn't happen. Now mind you we did Spelling, Math, Handwriting, Art, oh and pre-school for Emma, but I found myself frustrated a moment ago because we aren't where I wanted to be right now. Well, then I read these words of Job.

Job 7 1-6

"Human life is a struggle, isn't it? It's a life sentence to hard labor.Like field hands longing for quitting time and working stiffs with nothing to hope for but payday,I'm given a life that meanders and goes nowhere— months of aimlessness, nights of misery!I go to bed and think, 'How long till I can get up?' I toss and turn as the night drags on—and I'm fed up!I'm covered with maggots and scabs. My skin gets scaly and hard, then oozes with pus.My days come and go swifter than the click of knitting needles, and then the yarn runs out—an unfinished life!

Well, haven't we all thought that, maybe minus the maggots, but the feeling of the struggle, the days going by to quickly, the "yarn" running out. ( I like how the Message Bible puts it). Why? I'm wondering why. Why do I not enjoy the time I'm in? Rather I think about what I did not do, all there is still to do, how I don't really want to do it anyhow! So, I'm going to try to choose to think a little bit differently. Does that mean I ignore all I have to do. NO! But, I'll try to stop comparing how my family does things, what we've accomplished, how decluttered everything is, to everyone else. I'll try to sit peacefully in the time that God has given me and those around me to learn and enjoy. Hears to trying a new idea!


*Michigan Momma* said...

good stuff to think on, thanks~

I've got a bunch of sick kiddos (hope yours didn't pick anything up over here) and my usual schedule is out the window. I always feel like I'm failing when that happens.

Yet, these types of days are glorifying to God as well. At least, they *can* be - I guess it depends on how our hearts.

Thanks again - I needed this today~

LLJ said...

Brooke - thanks for the encouraging word!

mickeyjets said...

I so needed to read this today. Thanks! Much to do and needed the encouragement during my quiet time.